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Re: Need Help with Social Login and Register

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I did test it and it works just fine installing it from the package manager.

Try running also install.php the same way you did with the addon file (please remember to remove these files from the server when you have done).
Then, can you check:
  • the error log if there is anything that can make you think something is wrong with this addon,
  • admin > maintenance > forum maintenance > integration hooks to ensure the hooks are properly populated (you should see the file "Extauth.integration.php" mentioned 8 times in the column "File Name")

I swear I had another thing in mind, though I can't remember it. Oh well.
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Re: Need Help with Social Login and Register

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Hi Emanuele,

Thanks for hanging in there with me. So I just went ahead and tried to reinstall it all over. This time, I opted to install through URL instead of uploading the package and it worked (at least, so far far, it looks like it did)! THANK YOU!!!

You know, I'm thinking as I'm writing right now that maybe it even worked before but I just didn't complete the process. I did upload the package manually (first time), BUT I never went into the packages area to actually install the package. Not sure if I was meant to do that, but I didn't. And thinking through it now, that might have been the problem I was having.

Again, thanks so much to you and Radu for not leaving me here screaming into an echo chamber.  :D

Re: Need Help with Social Login and Register

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Glad you solved, elkarte add-ons are working in this way, you need to upload, then install. Some add-ons have a direct link to continue with install after uploading the package, some don't so you have to go to Packages and install.

Maybe this is a point that could be improved in Elkarte 2.0. What do you think about it @emanuele@Spuds‍ ?
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Re: Need Help with Social Login and Register

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Sorry, sadly I'm back...  :(

So I've done everything as detailed in the instructions. I'm having problems getting this to work with the two platforms I'm trying to add.

For Facebook, I get the error in the screenshot: "URL Blocked. This redirect failed...."

In the case of Google, I don't get any errors, but it doesn't appear to work. My presumption is that if you're already logged into Google (e.g. Gmail), when you go to my Elkarte forum, you should be automatically logged in. Am I wrong?

Please help....  :'(

Re: Need Help with Social Login and Register

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Hi, sorry for the late reply.

I can only guess that you have to find a place in Facebook in which you can add the URL of your forum...
Unfortunately I don't have a FB account, so not sure how it works...
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Re: Need Help with Social Login and Register

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Thanks. I just got tired and left it for the day. I'll try again tomorrow. Maybe I'll start all over and repeat the steps.  :(


Re: Need Help with Social Login and Register

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Thanks for your help. I hadn't been able to touch this for a while because things have been crazy over here. But I gave it another go tonight and I made some progress. The link that actually helped me is (in case someone else has this problem and they go through this thread).

So right now, I've been able to add all the credentials without getting errors and I'm able to go into existing accounts and "connect" them with the respective social media accounts. However, a few things still remain unclear/not working:

1. When I click on the button to register (new account) using the social media buttons I configured (Facebook and Google), I'm just taken back to the main login screen. From the instructions, I should be taken to a registration screen of sorts for those social media.
2. I'm still somewhat unclear on how this is supposed to work. My thinking is that if it's working properly (and I've already connected the accounts), when I'm logged in on Google (Gmail) for instance, if I navigate to my elkarte forum within the same browser, I should be automatically connected. At most, I should just have to click on the corresponding button to login without having to provide login credentials. Am I correct in this assumption? If so, it's not working for me right now.

Any and all insight would be appreciated.

Thanks so much!