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[ADDON] CDN Support

CloudFront CDN for ElkArte

This modification is released under a MPL V1.1 license, a copy of it with its provisions is included with the package.

This addon will set some of your sites resources to point to an Amazon Cloud front Distribution.  This allows you to point theme images, CSS, JS and Custom avatar images to come from a distribution domain, such that those items are cached and served from edge servers in the cloud.

This will speeds up distribution of your static web content, such as .js, .css, and image files, to your users. CloudFront delivers your content through a worldwide network of data centers called edge locations. When a user requests content that you're serving with CloudFront, the user is routed to the edge location that provides the lowest latency (time delay), so that content is delivered with the best possible performance. If the content is already in the edge location with the lowest latency, CloudFront delivers it immediately. If the content is not in that edge location, CloudFront retrieves it from an Amazon S3 bucket or an HTTP server (for example, a web server) that you have identified as the source for the definitive version of your content.

o Works without making any theme edits so should work with all themes and addons.
o Adds a few check boxes in the admin panel where you can choose what items to serve from the cloud.

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