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Just bought a new used laptop

I just bought a Lenovo Thinkpad T450 for only 170€ on ebay. It is used but in PERFECT conditions, no scratches, no glossy keys or trackpad, seems new just like removed from box. I think I did a good deal, I like having my own things in perfect aesthetic condition. My old Thinkpad T410 just decided to abandon me after 6 years of flawless work.

Specs: core I5 5300U, 4 GB RAM, 500 HDD
I just updated the RAM to 16 GB and installed the 256 GB SSD i had on my old T410. Next upgrade will be an IPS full hd screen panel.
I run Linux Mint XFCE in dual boot with Win10 which I use rarely.

sorry for my bad english

Re: Just bought a new used laptop

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Nice. I bought few laptops myself this year but for my brothers and sisters whom consulted me. They are almost similar to yours but mostly i5, generation four.

I didn't upgrade their RAM since all except one is already 8gb which is enough for their usages. Only one is upgraded to 1TB SSD, 3 others stayed with 256gb SSD and one stayed with 1TB HDD.

Re: Just bought a new used laptop

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NIce find :D ... now get busy putting a shine on that trackpad!
Squish squish. squish, squish, squish.
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Re: Just bought a new used laptop

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Yep, for web usage 4 GB is enough, my I5 is 5 generation, but it's not hat different to a 4th generation. My old T410 had a first gen I5, that with only 3 numbers series and was discrete for a normal usage. SSD disks are doing miracles on these machines.

There are a few things I am missing from my old T410:
  • the keyboard had a better layout, I don't like where they put the PG UP, PG DN, Home, End. Ins and Del keys. I'll need some time to get use with that. They also removed the volume up/down buttons.
  • there is no lightning for keyboard. They introduced the illuminated keyboard, which is an optional that mine don't have and they definitely removed the light near webcam.
  • no dvd reader, on the old one I changed the dvd reader with a caddy and put a second hard drive. For a second drive I need to use a m2.ssd.
For the rest is better than my old one ;)

NIce find :D ... now get busy putting a shine on that trackpad!
 I will ;)
sorry for my bad english

Re: Just bought a new used laptop

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My laptop just died on me during the Christmas and I didn't have so much time to look around. Ended up with the Lenovo 14" Lenovo Yoga. Super satisfied altough the keyboard is a bit small. But it is super handy and has touch so you can also use it as a pad.
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Re: Just bought a new used laptop

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Good choice the Lenovo Yoga ;)

In the meantime I changed the sh**ty TN panel 1366x768 with a full HD IPS panel 1920x1080, and there are no comparision: IPS panel is superior in every aspect. I broke the screen bezel while opening the screen, but should I receive a new one in these days.
sorry for my bad english