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Has anyone been working on a Helpdesk addon for ElkArte?
I was hoping SimpleDesk would be ported, but so far not seen anything posted.

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What is its license?

I think @Arantor said something about it before and he left its development team but can't remember its details.

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This is from the mod's page on SMF:

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Looks like a standard 3-Clause BSD License.  I don't think anyone has ported that.   Its a bit of a specialized usage case to even need that addon, and given the work involved on doing the porting it would fall on the person that needs it ;)

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Agreed with @Spuds. The community can help but surely doing it yourself is best since you need it.

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I would, if I could.
I've not worked an SMF forum in years, and really don't want to. LOL
In reality, I would rather be able to use the regular helpdesk I already have,
however, it's on a different domain and server. Also, accounts are not linked.
I was mainly asking, just in case someone from the SimpleDesk project may be part of the ElkArte helpers.

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I think the only one doing any occasional work on SD is sleepy .... we may cross paths on a common smf/elk buggy but that is about it.  I'd look at it, but my plate is just overloaded, I'm behind on everything LOL