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asComments API

spitballing, so I guess...
  • a board, "SITE Comments"
  • optimally topic pages are auto-generated upon SITE page creation
  • replies are syndicated to SITE pages as comments
  • SITE shares forum login for commenting
  • WYSIWYG also available on SITE pages - so post via forum or SITE page
  • inject new comment in SITE page, no reload

  • Site comments, duh
  • You have 100% control and ownership of your SITE comments (rather than DISQUS or fb or whomever)
  • Easily moderate comments on potentially thousands of SITE pages

  • DRY violation? Nah, you can use semantic markup (linked-data, i.e. RDFa) to define the relationship between the two instances of (the same) content

Related Ideas:
  • asReviews API, only difference would be the semantic markup
  • less related, but a shareSearch API

Re: asComments API

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hmm... the main problem I see with that is it assumes you actually have a website with pages, but Elk by default doesn't have "pages", so you cannot have a website and it would be a dangling feature that you cannot actually use [1] without either having a website or a portal.
Well, okay, you could use it, but it would be kind of pointless... who would want to comment the help page?
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