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Re: 1.1 at transifex

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Finished the translation of the danish 1.1 language pack.

By the way: the language downloader on the site still sends you 1.0.10 language pack and not the ones from 1.1 is this intended?

I recon you will want to add a dropdown at some point as more versions becomes available to download for 1.0.x -> 1.1.x -> 1.2.x etc

Or alternatively if you never overwrite strings in new versions but only add new ones, should just be able to have only 1 pack that also works for older versions. This is my preferred option, as more and more versions will become available it will quickly become a convoluted mess to manage multiple packs across different versions.
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Re: 1.1 at transifex

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Not sure If we can use the 1.1 files for 1.0, I feel there might be incompatible changes (no just deleted strings) inside the files..
I'll update the transifex config and the  zip file build soon, not sure how to do so LOL  
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Re: 1.1 at transifex

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Code: [Select]
The %1$s field can only contain letters & dashes.

& ? maybe "and"?
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Re: 1.1 at transifex

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Quote from: TE –
Quote from: emanuele – the result is pretty crappy, because everything is marked as translated even though it is not. :-\
Yep, that's what I discovered via file upload / browser , too.. We can't push all files, only fully translated or we'll get crap..
We were looking at the from the wrong side!
Instead of create a new repository for the new version, we create a repository for the old one and use the old repository for the newest version!
So we have the "main repo" that always contains master and several "archive 1.0", "archive 1.1", "archive x.y" with the old versions!
The main repo gets autoupdates and is always in sync and the strings are properly marked as translated/not translated, the old archives... who cares, are just for the history!
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Re: 1.1 at transifex

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Been doing some translating on the norwegian files for 1.1..theres quite a few already translated strings there that need to be approved/reviewed.  Is this something you do..or doesn't it matter in regards to the final language files?

That said, I'd be happy to go over any reviewing if its needed.

Re: 1.1 at transifex

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First, thank you :D

I do not believe it matters to the auto language package creator if they have been approved or not. 

I'm not the best with transifex, but I believe you can set up a language team, with reviewers that could approve but I don't think any are setup / structured in that way.

Re: 1.1 at transifex

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file: index.dutch.php

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$txt['lang_character_set'] = 'UTF-8javascript:;';
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Re: 1.1 at transifex

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Thanks ... I fixed that on the Dutch transifex page It should show up in the language packages on the site by tomorrow.