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Re: [ADDON][WIP] Member Awards

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Its been awhile since I did updates,  I think the main areas were

- in how settings are saved (1.1 uses the settings abstract class) and the theme layers.
- the theme class was improved and I think it will all work but may add depreciated calls to the elk error log. 
- the exception class was updated so calls to things like fatal language are out and you need to use exceptions
- menu class was added/upgraded, again I think the code takes care of all that but its depreciated
- bbc class was added so any custom bbc needs to be redone

Probably a few other things that I'm forgetting now.

Re: [ADDON][WIP] Member Awards

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Attached is a 1.1 / 7.4 version, most of this was in the repo already but this adds some more fixin's

There is a 'Rankings' branch in the repo as well, that is where this addon is going but I'm not sure if / when I'll finish that, so till then use the attached.

ETA: Found a couple of small template errors and an error when adding to the db, fixed in this new attachment
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Re: [ADDON] Member Awards

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Small bump to version 1.1.1  :shocked:

This update fixes a few issues reported since the 1.1 release.  The link is on the addon site (see first post).