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[ADDON] Member Awards

This is based on my updated member awards 3.0 (which is still a work in progress), although several sites seem to be using it with success.  Anyway I've been busy converting this over to Elkarte and the only edits still being made are the template ones to show the award boxes. 
This will work on 1.1 only at this point and PHP 7.x+

Member Awards V1.1.1

This Elkarte addon is released under a MPL V1.1 license, a copy of it with its provisions is included with the package.

A system where members can be given awards to display in their profile and posts.

  • Awards can be placed in categories for display grouping and easy maintenance
  • Awards can be defined as assignable so members with assign awards permission can give an award (not define a new award though)
  • Awards can be defined as requestable so members can request and award for the moderation team to approve / deny
  • Awards can be assigned by member, by group or by mass selection
  • Automatic award assignment can be set for various milestones such as post count, topic count, join date, time on line, etc
  • Award post placement can be defined on a per award basis, above avatar, below avatar or with signature.  Allows you to define badges as well as awards
  • The award image and the details assigned with the image are stored and can then be assigned to members.
  • Once assigned, the member can view his/her award album, as well as others awards.
  • They will be able to select their favorite image, as well as see who else has earned that award.
  • This addon allows users with the permission to upload images that will serve as rewards.
  • These images can be assigned a name as well as how they were earned (e.g. Contest, Posts, or the name of a game)
  • Those with correct permissions can edit the image and information assigned to that image, as well as completely delete it.
  • And more!

Repository / Download /

Re: [ADDON][WIP] Member Awards

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Quote from: Spuds – This will NOT work on beta 2 or even the current repo as I added a couple of hooks to make this work (PR in process).
 emanuele feels Spuds is cheating. :P
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Re: [ADDON][WIP] Member Awards

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Not sure if this is abandoned but -

  • tried on Elkarte 1.01/
  • Discovered filename case issue (AwardsManage.english.php on disk; code looks for awardsManage.english.php; breaks on Linux.
  • fixed errors by renaming file.

Re: [ADDON][WIP] Member Awards

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Thanks for the fix, you can be sure that if I worked on it, there will be a case problem somewhere :P

Re: [ADDON][WIP] Member Awards

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I would never do LAMP stack / php development on Windows. I say this as a senior Wintel engineer at a large IT provider :)

The safest approach to filename case in mixed Windows/Linux development is to use all lower case in filenames. Any time you use upper case you risk breakage.

Re: [ADDON][WIP] Member Awards

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Indeed... they are so easy to miss, just look at all my but reports  O:-)

Generally I do my work on my windows machine and the directory I write to is on my *nix VPS.  So I save it and run the test on the *nix machine.  But there are times when I'm less than disciplined with that approach, you know for those safe, easy changes or when I'm lacking a good connection, then the wamp stack kicks in. 

I really should just set up one of my spare boxes to be a *nix machine and be done with the crazyness.

Re: [ADDON][WIP] Member Awards

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Hey, so, I'm going to use this on a board. Hurray, you have a user! ("C'mon, man, you know I'm good for it. Just one more hit, please.")

So, ahem, anyways, I have a few suggestions:
  • Show awards on main profile page (toggle-able settings per award)
  • Show awards on memberlist (toggle-able settings per award)
  • If I have awards assigning permissions, then viewing someone's available awards (via their profile) should allow me to one-click assign it to them.
  • Same criteria as above should allow for one-click award removal.

Also, a couple bugs to report:
  • After adding a rank, ADD button changes to MODIFY. Clicking on it, however, goes to the ADD page for a new rank, not modifying the just added rank.
  • Action buttons are not installed by default on non-default themes. Should probably check if theme-specific images exist and use the defaults if not.
  • When viewing awards on someone else's profile, an empty awards list shows up as "You have not received any awards." Should say something more like "$memberName has not received any awards."
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Re: [ADDON][WIP] Member Awards

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OK I'll get to looking at those, thanks for the reports (watch the repo for updates)

Re: [ADDON][WIP] Member Awards

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I'd like to see this go a lot further. :)
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Re: [ADDON][WIP] Member Awards

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Getting an error here. I'm not sure it was happening before 1.0.3. Re-installing didn't help, though I didn't try deleting all the associated data.
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Re: [ADDON][WIP] Member Awards

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 emanuele feels Spuds forgot a tiny little text string. :P

As a temporary measure you can add:
Code: [Select]
$txt['awards'] = 'Awards';
to your Addons.english.php (or Addons.{your_language}.php).
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Re: [ADDON][WIP] Member Awards

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Hi there!

I am working on my fresh install of 1.1.5 and I am getting this error message for Member Awards (which we love on my site) and I would be awesome if you guys could help me out. I have the Silence theme installed, icons modded in accordance with the Addon thread for that theme. (See attachment)

Should I install it and see how it goes? :)


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Re: [ADDON][WIP] Member Awards

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@Spuds do you have a version of this which works on Elkarte 1.1?

Re: [ADDON][WIP] Member Awards

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Just checked my local repo and there is no 1.1, so apparently I never updated it :( .... There are a few un pushed changes to do with directory structure but I have no idea what they are about any longer.  Looks like I got sidetracked!

Re: [ADDON][WIP] Member Awards

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Thanks for the reply, any idea on the work needed to get it working? I don’t know the changes from 1.0 to 1.1 well enough really.