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Re: [ADDON] Ultimate Menu

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Cool ... thanks

Re: [ADDON] Ultimate Menu

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Thanks a lot !

Re: [ADDON] Ultimate Menu

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i made a fresh install and in the Packages manager it is still the 1.1.1 and not the 1.1.2.
I made the update by hand and i got an error :

Unknown Error: Function create_function() is deprecated;area=umen
Fichier: /home/augras/public_html/
Ligne: 167

Everything seems to work,


Re: [ADDON] Ultimate Menu

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You should get the package file from the link posted by @live627  

The link in the package manage is 1.1.1 (the addons site was not updated with the new link, so still points at the old old) The old package is not fully PHP 7.x compatible and should not be used.


Re: [ADDON] Ultimate Menu

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Thank you @Spuds : it's what i made.
I thought the link could be the new.