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[ADDON] Ultimate Menu

Ultimate Menu 1.0

Add custom buttons to the main menu within ElkArte


This allows custom buttons to be added to the main menu within ElkArte at will, complete with children and grandchildren menus (so, a main menu item, a dropdown and a follow-on dropdown)
  • Setup this mod at Administration Center » Configuration » Ultimate Menu.
  • Should "just work" with all other mods that add their own buttons, such as portals.
  • Dynamic by design -- any menu button can change its text without a problem -- no special code required.

Known issues:

  • Grandchild buttons cannot be added using 'before' or 'after'; not sure how to fix this

Re: [ADDON] Ultimate Menu

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I suck at PHP so this will come in handy, thanks :)
I was hoping this would allow us to edit the current menu also but it's good enough.

Re: [ADDON] Ultimate Menu

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Awesome addon! I'm sure this will be helpful to a lot of people wanting to just add a few links to their menus without diving into their theme code. Is it possible to also remove the built-in options with this addon?

Re: [ADDON] Ultimate Menu

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Quote Is it possible to also remove the built-in options with this addon?

Re: [ADDON] Ultimate Menu

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Nice stuff here too! :D

Re: [ADDON] Ultimate Menu

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Tried to install it and get these error message:

QuoteParse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in /www/htdocs/w00f21f1/hp_elkarte/packages/temp/install.php on line 87

Line 87 is this:

Code: [Select]
foreach ($tables as $table)
$dbtbl->db_create_table('{db_prefix}' . $table['name'], $table['columns'], $table['indexes'], [], 'update');

Re: [ADDON] Ultimate Menu

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Thats php 5.4 shorthand syntax, change the
Code: [Select]
 , [], 
Code: [Select]
 , array(),

Re: [ADDON] Ultimate Menu

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Problem is that the same construct is used in the code as well, so it would not work unless all the instances are replaced or you @Jorin update to php 5.4.

Re: [ADDON] Ultimate Menu

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Ah good to know, had not looked at the code ... if thats the only 5.4 stuff easy to change though.

Re: [ADDON] Ultimate Menu

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Hm, server is running PHP 5.3. It seems I can "update" via PHP-CGI but I think I remember from my SMF support board that PHI-CGI should only be used with caution. Maybe @live627 can modify the addon?