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I'm a great@username, in particular if you wanna tag me!  :P Good luck.

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Hey a great@username, we should welcome the new members! :P

Welcome hhy89, blueish, Jokerâ„¢ (Mr Like? :P), live627, Dr. Deejay and AngelinaBelle!
Don't by shy, we don't like formalities. ;D
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Thanks for the welcome. =)

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Dragooon, Mick and Labradoodle-360, welcome guys! ;D

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Yeah... Things out here is indeed interesting. And hello to everyone here.

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Thanks for the friendly greeting!

I am very curious what you are aiming for with Elkarte 1.0, compared to SMF 2.1.

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Thank you. Trying to stay in the loop  :D

Mick. G.

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while (true)
...mmm are you a function or a variable? :P

And welcome to today's new comers: Colin, ahrasis and Yoshi2889!

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Globals are bad! :P

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Maybe he is a SuperGlobal or even a MagicConstant 8)

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Quote from: AngelinaBelle – Thanks for the friendly greeting!

I am very curious what you are aiming for with Elkarte 1.0, compared to SMF 2.1.
So far that I know they are the same as they are both at alpha version. Both will not be that much different from current SMF 2.0 and look promising. So I was thinking why not learn them all and see which one I like most later on. And may I know why you are so curious then? Don't you like me being here  ;)


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Code will change pretty significantly I think ahrasis. And much of it already has with the addition of quite a bit of OOP. 


I would wager say the things you'll see happen in Elkarte are all the things that we discussed doing with SMF 2.1 but were shot down. Or dare I say, told to do what we really didn't want to. ;) The way things seems to be going from my point of view though, is that we are doing much more re-factoring of the code to be more inline with the standards with OOP though than previously planned. Above all for me though, is just doing what we want without having any limitations, schedules, or drama to slow things down.
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If that is so, there are more reasons for me to be here. I already like what have been done so far...  :D