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Topic: [RC1] $txt['posts'] = 'Beiträge'; used two times (Read 2466 times) previous topic - next topic
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[RC1] $txt['posts'] = 'Beiträge'; used two times

The string:

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$txt['posts'] = 'Beiträge'; used two times: In forum index at the counter of posts and threads and in the member list. Can this be changed so two strings are used in these two places? Because I want to use "Beiträge" in forum index and "Beiträge:" in member list... :-[ :-X

Re: [RC1] $txt['posts'] = 'Beiträge'; used two times

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Out of curiosity, why the colon in the table-structure of the member list?
It would be the only one with a colon in the table...
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Re: [RC1] $txt['posts'] = 'Beiträge'; used two times

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I thought it would look better, but it's impossible because of two times used text strings and such. So meanwhile I changed it back.  :-[