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[Hungarian] Language in Localization

Hey guys!

If you add Hungarian Language to localization, i would do the translation when im free.

Have a nice day :D

Re: [Hungarian] Language in Localization

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Hi and welcome to :)

The main tool for translation is transifex:
I just created an entry for Hungarian.
If you don't feel comfortable with registering or with the site, you can always translate the files, attach them to a post here and someone will upload them at transifex. ;)

Re: [Hungarian] Language in Localization

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I suggest you to use transifex, probably you will not love it in the beginning, but once you start using it you will understand that is a great tool for translations.

I'm not ure about this, but probably @TE or @emanuele will be able to import a good part of the translated strings from SMF, IIRC he did a similar work for italian translations.

Re: [Hungarian] Language in Localization

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Indeed it should be possible, I forgot about that. O:-)

Re: [Hungarian] Language in Localization

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I'll import the missing old (SMF 2.0.11 based) translations (hungarian, Portuguese.. ) probably at the weekend. :)