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Groups access

In the admin panel, if I click on "global moderators" or "administrator" I get this screen:

Re: Groups access

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Oh, okay the link is broken:
Code: [Select]
the $d is not replace with the number of the group.

Re: Groups access

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That is a classis getURL() issue.  

Re: Groups access

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I pushed a fix earlier:
looks like getUrl does some URL encode of %s and so it breaks sprintf.
To be honest, though, I'm not even sure why certain pieces were passed the way they were.

Re: Groups access

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Probably was me .. I moved a bunch of those over, but it was a mind numbing task so I'm sure I got sloppy ... plus a fair amount of changes were done with search replace regex action, so there is that as well.


Re: Groups access

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oh I thought it was my doing.:laughing: