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Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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I made some minor updates and released a 1.0.4 version

Its for 1.1.x only and has a couple of php 7.4 changes that could throw a depreciation error. 

Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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I've been hesitant to report this as @Spuds already has plenty on his plate with development. Nonetheless we've apparently released this Kraken, so here's another tentacle. 

This add-on functions with php 8.x. However, the admin panel does not. It's been a while since I messed with it so I don't recall the specific error. I'll follow-up if needed once I return to civilization (read laptop). 

Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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I just did some quick testing on 1.1.9 and did not see any errors, so I'll need some more details :D

Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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Quote from: Spuds – I just did some quick testing on 1.1.9 and did not see any errors, so I'll need some more details :D
Oh great. The error is an operator error. :joy:

Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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Quote from: badmonkey
The error is an operator error.

AKA "Loose nut on the keyboard"

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"You clicked on WHAT????"  (I know all about 'loose nuts on keyboards'.. mine occasionally has that issue too, as some of my bug-reports in this forum are evidence of..)


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Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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Here's the encountered error with SA on php 8.1, when attempting to access the ACP:

Code: [Select]
Call to undefined function create_function()

This isn't encountered on php 7.4. Am I missing something?

Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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Nope. Just the relevant code need to be changed to be php 8+ compatible.

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Are you sure you are using version 1.0.4 which is the latest?  Its available on the addons site (link in first post).    Its possible I uploaded an old version (going to check next), but the current version does not use create_function() anywhere.

Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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Indeed, it was 1.0.3. Somehow I missed the update, operator errrrrrrooorrrr...  :grin: 

Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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:man_dancing::partying_face: Love easy fixes