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Your experience with ElkArte

I am missing ElkArte as my current forum is powered by another free software. I love to get back once my current forum software get a major update.

I love the default Like, Notification, Mentions, Media embedding, attachment feature, 2 default responsive theme, Light and super cool features. I have to say ElkArte is a cool software that free forum software seekers should give a try.

Re: Your experience with ElkArte

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Jason I don't want to offend, but switching from one software to another every year or every six months is not a solution. You have used almost every forum software, free and paid. I also use paid software because I like the gallery I have and something similar is not available in free software.
Start with the software you like more or the one that best suits your needs and try to make it better every day. Talk with your members and see where the software can be improved and suggest it to developers, I know that not any suggestion is taken into consideration by developers, but if the suggestions are valid and are requested by other members there are chances to see them applied in an update or released as addons. This happened here with some of my requests.
Elkarte is not used by many admins, back in 2014 when I migrated to elkarte I thought that many, many other admins, especially smf admins will migrate to it. That didn't happened and to be honest I am not disappointed, every topic here gets answers or better gets solutions which in  In a very populated forum is not so obvious.
Good luck with your forum, and if you change your mind (again :) ) you know where to find us ;)
sorry for my bad english

Re: Your experience with ElkArte

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Yes radu81, i understand. I always in dilemma and i screw up in making choices. My current project is new, so changing software won't affect much. But let me think about it and if i come back i will let you know people.