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[ADDON] Simple Ads

This is a port of SimpleAds, thanks to @[SiNaN] for allowing this to be ported to ElkArte under BSD 3 :D

SimpleAds for ElkArte

This Elkarte addon is released under a [BSD-3-Clause]( license.

This addon allows you to display HTML code in various locations of forum.

You can define HTML ads and then set when, where and who will see those ads

You can position your Ads in the following areas
  • Overall Header
  • Overall Footer
  • Below Menu
  • Above Info Center
  • Above Footer
  • Left Side
  • Right Side
  • After First Post
  • Inside First Post
  • After Last Post

You can limit the displaying of an ad by
  • time
  • clicks
  • impressions
  • membergroups
  • actions

Create custom ad actions when other addons are installed.
Use predefined templates to wrap your ads or use just your own HTML.
Requires no template or source edits.


Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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So Google Adsense can be used in this addon?
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Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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Cool stuff as usual you two! :D
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Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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Good job Spuds :)

One small error, you forgot to replace timeformat in file AdsAdmin.subs.php (line 122).

Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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Ooppsie ... thanks, will fix!

Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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I just did a quick test, and I have to say I'm impressed how simple and powerful is this addon. And Google responsive ads work just out of the box  :o
Congrats and thanks for sharing this addon...  Never seen something similar for xf
sorry for my bad english

Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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I'm really impressed with this addon, I know it exists since years for smf, but never use it.

Recently a company asked for a couple of banners on my forum for a year. Nothing special but just a block on right side in SimplePortal. I know I can do it with an html block, but I cannot set the expiration time and have no idea about clicks/impressions. With this addon I am able to display an ad on SimplePortal block and also have some stats about the ad ;)

Thanks again Sinan and Spuds for creating and porting this addon to Elkarte!
sorry for my bad english

Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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Thanks Sinan and Spuds, excellent addon

Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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French translation in attachment.

Thank Spuds.

I never have Ads on my site. But In combination with SP Portal blocs, you can show or build what you want where you want.

Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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Thank you for the translation .. I've added it to the package :D

Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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I tried the addon and successfully installed it. But when I tried to add adsense code it doesnt show up any ads at all. Also I put the code on the body section

Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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Last time I checked adsense did work using this addon. I hope you did not forget to add your forum domain in your adsense panel.

Re: [ADDON] Simple Ads

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Add the permissions to who you want to see ads.

Works fine with Adsense.