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Re: [ADDON] SimplePortal

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Now I've got an error in log, just started the other day, it seems:

Type of error: Undefined
Notice: Undefined variable: javascript
File: sources/subs/Portal.subs.php
Line: 266

Lines 264-269:

Code: [Select]
	if ($modSettings['sp_resize_images'])
$javascript .= '
window.addEventListener("load", sp_image_resize, false);';

ElkArte 1.1.9 - SimplePortal 1.0.0

Re: [ADDON] SimplePortal

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I've done some modding of files, so would have to manually update some files.

QuoteNOTE: Install this PRIOR to installing ElkArte 1.1.9 to avoid a hacking attempt message due to 1.1.9 increased security requirements.

I'm already running 1.1.9

Disabling "Resizes images on portal" stops the errors, though.

Re: [ADDON] SimplePortal

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TBH I don't know what to suggest, I just updated today to Elk 1.1.9 and then updated SP to 1.0.1. I had no problems. If it's a testing site you can do it, otherwise wait for a better solution from Spuds.
sorry for my bad english

Re: [ADDON] SimplePortal

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Quote from: Burke_Knight – Now I've got an error in log, just started the other day, it seems:
That was fixed in a later version.  You can find the section several lines above that that reads (or should)
Code: [Select]
	// Load up some javascript!
loadJavascriptFile('portal.js', ['stale' => SPORTAL_STALE]);
and add after that $javascript = ''; so it will look like
Code: [Select]
	// Load up some javascript!
loadJavascriptFile('portal.js', ['stale' => SPORTAL_STALE]);
$javascript = '';
That will fix that error and a couple of others, depending on what options are on.

Re: [ADDON] SimplePortal

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Thank you, @Spuds
I found what caused the errors in the first place.
I disabled (by commenting out) the drag and drop feature for the blocks, and the $javascript = ''; part was inside there, so I didn't think to leave it out of the commenting out of the drag and drop.

Re: [ADDON] SimplePortal

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Cool ... In 1.0.1 I had moved it out of that block, to its own line, to avoid just that issue :D

Re: [ADDON] SimplePortal

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Now I'm getting this error, and inability to get into most settings in admin panel:

Burke Knight
Today at 03:29:21 PM
Type of error: General
Warning: Constant SPORTAL_VERSION already defined
File: /sources/subs/Portal.subs.php
Line: 61

When even try to get to Current Theme settings:
An Error Has Occurred
Constant SPORTAL_VERSION already defined

Re: [ADDON] SimplePortal

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I did change that line in version 1.0.2 (to be released soon) .... I guess you are running 1.0.1?

Change line 61 and 62 to be
Code: [Select]
	defined('SPORTAL_VERSION') || define('SPORTAL_VERSION', '1.0.1');
defined('SPORTAL_STALE') || define('SPORTAL_STALE', 'sp101');

And see if that clears up the error