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Custom Likes

Now a days, reputation system has paved way for likes. Now XF has custom likes mod where people can have more than one like item (say winning, funny etc). I was just wondering if we can have a custom Like instead of a no. of like buttons like in XF mod. Say you like someone, and we can add an option for user to leave a comment as well. Say for a new mod release thread, user can like it and give a custom message as well (visible only to the person who received like). It can be like " Want to see more features ", " good work buddy " etc.

Also if I not asking too much, a feature to show who all liked a post will be nice. It can be visible to all.

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Also if I not asking too much, a feature to show who all liked a post will be nice. It can be visible to all.
Posts I liked;area=showlikes;sa=given;u=28
Posts from me liked by others;area=showlikes;sa=received;u=28
It's a bit hidden in the profile but it's already there :)
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Re: Custom Likes

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First things first: I'd like to say "Hello!" and to express my amazement at the speed this piece of software is progressing - in a great way, too!

Since this is my first post, let me mention that I am neither owner nor full-fledged administrator of any forum. However, every now and then I put on an admin's coat, helping out on a SMF one where I moderate. Over the time there have been a few migration propositions but I've found the contenders lacking. Lately though I've been playing with ElkArte, and my heart began to sway :).

Now, to the point of this topic: The concept of "Like" has been promoted by social software of a certain nature (of which I'm not a fan :D), where instant presence and gratification prevail against discourse, consistency and history of the conversation. My view (and it's just that, ONE's view) is that a discussion forum should promote involvement through elaborated comment. There are, however, areas (mostly technical in nature) in which social comments would bury information that should be easily retrievable. The participants, though, are human and would like to know that their work is appreciated - and humans do that mostly by using words like "Thank You!" This forum itself has its fair share of them, and for good reason!

The grand finale: Of course, all this babble was only meant to fuzz the devs into implementing an option to turn "Likes" into "Thank You!". :D Would you, please? Thank you...

(P.S. please excuse any misuse of English, as it isn't my native language.)

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@hugbear to turn likes into thanks you can simply change the translations.

P. S open importer imports your old likes/thanks from 3 smf mods, so if you're using thank o matic mod you won't loose your "thank you" data
sorry for my bad english

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Hello hugbear and welcome around! :)

radu is right, change likes to thank you is a matter of translation and I wouldn't go much further than that.
Looking around there are about 30 strings to tweak in the user-facing (that is all that matters usually) area.
At the moment I can't, but feel free to bump the topic for a list of the strings that should be changed.

On the suggestion made by @meetdilip,TBH I'm not really fond on the "custom likes", yeah they are kind of fun for the occasional "funny" or whatever, but the net effect is just to dilute the "appreciation" of the post/topic.
My 2 (euro) cents of course, I wouldn't stop anyone willing to create it. ;)
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Re: Custom Likes

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Thank you all for your kind an quick replies.

There's good news that OI can do that - didn't get the chance to look into it that deep (I've installed T-O-M but it's not working at the moment, due to some borked collations in the DB, to which I don't have access).

Anyway, time to get busy with 'dem files!


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Hi ElkArte

I am going after Forum for big talk that is safe and free just like this one, but i'll need one extra reputation plugin too, altho now as just like thumb is also good, yet for me it would be usefull if there is "like and dislike" buttons, but even more usefull if there could be added rule that posts with particular dislikes to be instantly hidden as free moderation tool for the members, thus avoiding discussion to be chopped by admins or moderators, simply to have public mod that would make the Forum more flexible with the rules and the talk i.e. some discussions to be hidden for guests, and even hidden for members till they choose to see the disliked message that is hidden by their own consent ... finnaly this could be done maybe through Topic option for like/dislike posts, so members to see if they want only hidden messages or just the open one, or both ...

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Thanks Man ... coz its open source forum, could you point me where in the engine architecture could be this worcked around ... could it be done this freely, or I need approval, sorry I havent read the evelopers rules, simply juat jumped in and got directly to the matter that bugs me ... eralier I was after WebWiz coz they have "reputation mode" plugin for posts, altho just like/dislike count without hide/unhide rule ... I am just bemused why this thing is unavailable till now on any forum platform at all ...If we manage to work this here it would be free advertismnt for this platform here in Macedonia where it should be used for Marijuana Legalization Forum ... simply is topic that could trigger big talk but painfull to moderate it easily, in that sense and coz democratic option too, I am after such plugin or rule that could make this member moderation of threads through likes/dislikes system first before all, tho This Forum is Love on the first site as design and options ... Please give me guidance on this matter, coz I am rushing to bring up such board til the end of January ...

Thanks omBre

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Because in the past it didn't work very well, or at least that the "story" that goes around.
I have my doubts as well about "self moderation" though likes/dislikes, I'm pretty sure on certain communities (or at least on certain communities I have participated over the time) it would quickly become a fight among groups and not an useful tool.

Anyway, welcome omBre!

I'm a bit confused now as to what you would like indications about: custom likes or the reputation thingy (provided I'm not fully sure what you intend with that since it can be a quite big number of things).
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Hi Emanuelo ... reputation man, I need Reputation Mod ... I want people to discuss freely, but in same time all the hard talk to be filtered easily by the very same participants in the discussion ... you can say simply: democracy at its best ...

Altho, there is large space for missuse of such democratic award system through likes/dislikes, if there is additional hide/unhide rule for posts, at least its worth the try, so there should be as least as possible need for direct moderation, in samew time like that throwing in trash all kind of unworthy digressions but which can also provoke other vibe and talk in different or simmilar theme or thread, weather there was no room for such talk in the main thread ... go with the flow mentality that can bring brainstorming idealism and options, than elite agenda from narrow mindset through direct moderation  i.e. to focus energy in steril way which actually in the end, at least, will loosen the atmosphere for such Free Green Vibe ... Yes Psichology Rulz here too, but with little luck and some trials and errors with the poppular mood finnaly we could come to workable strategy for member moderation, some times one only need patience for things to come to gether

Again, Please give me a clue, is it possible for such plugin to be seen anywhere soon, and if not, could it be this done through copy paste of some engine like that of Rep. Mod of webwiz for start, twicking it later for hide/unhide rule later ...


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so I've stuck with ElkArte for sure, but this was my main wish from this Crew ... an like/dislike option through which the board members could moderate any spam with defined amount of dislikes ...  altho it would be ideal if there is room for double forum too, so there can be parallel place for guests, spamers or unrelated digressions, that altogether can make selfsufficient forum that can bring the youth quickly to platform for political party

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I am not sure whether @vbgamer45 have a mod in SMF like that that can be converted here as an addon. Otherwise, you can always do it yourself or ask / hire somebody to do it for you.