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 emanuele blames the keyboard

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Thanks for the welcomes. :)

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thank you for your welcome, my name is Míra (SpeAkeR) and i send greetings from Pilsen in the Czech Republic.
I wish good luck and success ElkArte  ;)

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Welcome to Elkarte @SpeAkeR‍  ;)

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I was in Czech Republic last week. xD

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Currently I am the "new one" here.
I live in the middle of Germany and have been running a SMF forum for several years. I would like to convert soon to elkarte. :)

Mrs. Chaos

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Welcome Mrs. Chaos! :)

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Welcome to Elkarte Mrs. Chaos!

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Well, hello! I'm d3vcho, Spanish guy and SMF Localizer as of today. Just came here to see how this goes and to learn as much as possible.

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Thank you very much! :)
And welcome, d3vcho!

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Welcome d3vcho. :)

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I live in a village about 40 km south of Kassel, respectively 140 km (linear distance) in the north of Darmstadt.

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G'Day all,

I'm marauder13 and I have just installed Elkarte on a testbed machine to learn a bit more about this software. I have no immediate plans for starting a forum site, but I do have some ideas lurking in the background. So, I will mostly be experimenting and learning about how Elkarte works and what mischief I can up to with it.

Thanking everyone in advance for reading this post,