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Install error

Not sure where to ask this, but trying to install and got this error message.
any help would be great.

A critical error has occurred.

This installer was unable to find the installer's language file or files. They should be found under:

In some cases, FTP clients do not properly upload files with this many folders. Please double check to make sure you have uploaded all the files in the distribution.

If that doesn't help, please make sure this install.php file is in the same place as the themes folder.

If you continue to get this error message, feel free to look to us for support.

Re: Install error

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OK sorry for double post I added the directory it was looking for and brought me to the install step 1. Now I have a critical error
Critical Error!
Unable to find crucial installation files in the directory of this script!

I made sure the sql files are there and even reuploaded to site and still not allowing me to go further then step 1.

Re: Install error

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Stupid me was using the the wrong install, these can be deleted, moved or locked.

Re: Install error

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Thank you sir and Hello right back.