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Update Does Not Find Language File

I have a good install of the Beta 2 on an Xampp localhost. I am attempting to update with the latest 'master' download. Followed the update instructions in the DOC folder ( gawd, can't believe I actually read the manual ) and I get this ... 

A critical error has occurred.
This installer was unable to find the installer's language file or files. They should be found under:
In some cases, FTP clients do not properly upload files with this many folders. Please double check to make sure you have uploaded all the files in the distribution.
If that doesn't help, please make sure this install.php file is in the same place as the themes folder.
If you continue to get this error message, feel free to look to us for support.


I searched and found three other posts about this, but it does not seem those situations are quite like mine. Good news is the forum still runs, not sure on what versions files though.  :)

What is the procedure for updating an installation using a master download?


Re: Update Does Not Find Language File

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This happened to me, all I did was ftp the language files where the installer was looking for them.  ;)

Re: Update Does Not Find Language File

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Hi Allan,

I had read where you had done that and I tried the same, but alas, twas no sunshine for me.  Tried it twice; at least I was consistent at failing to satisfy the needs of the installer.   :D

Re: Update Does Not Find Language File

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mmm... did you follow the manual here?
What is strange is it says "This installer says", when it's not an installer...

Actually, the procedure to "upgrade" from any beta to master is just to copy the files (the sources and themes directories and the php files in the root) over the old ones, there is no need to run upgrade.php. ;)
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