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Nasty little Registration / XML error

OK .... I think it is nasty, others may not.  :)

This occurs on a live site and on a local host. Browser is FF 28.0.  Browser had been cleaned of cookies. Below is the error followed by the steps I took to create the error. I would have attached a .png but the FF Screengrab! would not function after the error.

The error:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.


      <username valid="1">Iwantin Here</username>


The steps to produce the error:

Go to Registration screen and accept the terms.
At the username screen enter the user ID of:  Iwantin Here
At the email screen enter the email address:
Click on register ( non-sticky balloon appears indicating missing fields, don't enter anything )
Click on register again. ( ignore warnings and anything else )
Go to the upper left corner and click on the Login button.  ( do not enter any userid/pw )
Enter a non valid user name in the upper left corner login box for user name
Do not enter a password
Click on the login for the upper left corner.
Now enter a valid user name and password in the upper left corner login area.
Click on login.
Error is now produced.

I do know that at one time I was able to force a login on my admin account.  :o   Maybe that was coincidence.

Re: Nasty little Registration / XML error

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This is related to that one:

For the moment we can use a workaround, in Subs.php:
Code: (find) [Select]
if (strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URL'], 'action=dlattach') === false && strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URL'], 'action=viewadminfile') === false)
Code: (replace with) [Select]
if (strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URL'], 'action=dlattach') === false && strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URL'], 'action=viewadminfile') === false && strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URL'], ';xml') === false)
In 1.1 it may be worth create a function to validate this kind of situations.

It may not work in all the situations (for example when coming from SSI or some custom coded page...).
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Re: Nasty little Registration / XML error

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Maybe in 1.1 actions should set a flag to say set this to oldurl, or at least have the option to say don't set it, rather than just having a big function that has to guess how every action (including those in mods) is going to format urls that you can't go back to.

Re: Nasty little Registration / XML error

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That's a possibility too.
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