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Re: [ADDON][beta] Topic Prefix

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Thanks, this seems to work, I've switched back to PHP 8.1.
sorry for my bad english

Re: [ADDON][beta] Topic Prefix

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Awesome.  I noticed another issue when you edit the prefix style.  The existing colors are not loaded correctly, I'll post a fix for that in a bit.

Re: [ADDON][beta] Topic Prefix

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Here is a version to test. 

attempted to find all the php8 level issues and fix them (there were several)
fixed the issue where editing a prefix style would loose the color values
attempted to add the prefix to the Recent Message listing and the New Topic listing
some misc stuff
labeled it as version 0.0.6

Give it a test, on a backup site of course !


Re: [ADDON][beta] Topic Prefix

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Quote from: Spuds – ...  Give it a test, on a backup site of course !

It's hard to believe anyone running a server should need that reminder... but yea, since the FAA shut down fights across the whole east coast for two days back in early January (by some "contractor" the story goes), patching the production "NOTAM" (Notice To Airmen) server that supplies critical system and airspace flight safety information to pilots and airlines directly..   :anguished:

[hey, who likes updating Cobol anyway?  :tongue: ]

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