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[ADDON] Colored Names

Colored Names v0.0.3
Many people like to be different, and this is the second step in the online world to be different: change the color of the display name.
At the moment the addon is very basic, it allows a fixed number of elements to be customized: color, background, size, border (style, width, color, border radius), but it already covers most of the needs.

Future development:
  • allow the admin to decide what users can customize,
  • add permissions (if requested)
  • other suggested ideas.

o This ElkArte Addon is subject to the terms of the BSD "3-clause" license. You can obtain a copy of the License at

Repository / Download

Change log

  • 0.0.1 - Initial release
  • 0.0.2 - Removed some logs left in place
  • 0.0.3 - Fixed quote tags and "to" fields in PMs

Re: [ADDON] Colored Names

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Nice ! ... this is often asked for  ;D

Re: [ADDON] Colored Names

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I also decided to pick a slightly different path in respect to the "normal" way: the colored names are saved in real_name, so that they are available anywhere in the app without having to edit the code.
Drawback may play dirty with some stuff (e.g. the mention that will always show the colored form of the name at the time of the mention), but I think it's worth.
And if it is not... well, we will see. :P

Re: [ADDON] Colored Names

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Thats cool really, I think thats how it should work.

Re: [ADDON] Colored Names

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Great job, thank you for this.  :D

Re: [ADDON] Colored Names

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Way better than altering the buffer too.
Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion, you must set yourself on fire!

Re: [ADDON] Colored Names

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This morning I realised there is actually a bug with the quote, I have to fix it.

Re: [ADDON] Colored Names

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Sorry to bring up an old topic here but where in the admin panel can I find and set the options.

Re: [ADDON] Colored Names

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I don't remember I added any option to set... I wouldn't even know what to let "set" and what not. O_o

Re: [ADDON] Colored Names

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I was thinking there was a setting to enable or disable for certain members groups. So it could be used as a member upgrade.

Re: [ADDON] Colored Names

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So a permission.
I think it's possible. Oh, I wrote something about future development... I should read what I write. xD

Re: [ADDON] Colored Names

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Quote from: emanuele – So a permission.
I think it's possible. Oh, I wrote something about future development... I should read what I write. xD
I was thinking that this would be a perfect premium member upgrade and allow user in that member group to make their own custom colors. So enable and disable based on member group would be a nice little feature.

Re: [ADDON] Colored Names

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hi there, I installed Colored Names in Elkarte forum, but i noticed it output errors in the error log as per:

(where “MYUSER” replace  the cpanel user)

any advice will be appreciated.


Re: [ADDON] Colored Names

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Hi Dadda and welcome. :)

It would be useful to know exactly what error gives you, usually there something more than just the line and the file, like a more or less detailed description or the error.