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[ADDON] Bookmarks

I got Aaron's permission to port the bookmarks modification over to ElkArte, so here we go  :)

Bookmarks for ElkArte V2.6.0

This Elkarte addon is released under a BSD-3-Clause license.

With this simple addon you can easily keep track of the topics that you like as bookmarks.  Each user will have their own bookmark list enabling them to easily find the topics that they refer to often.

 o One-click adding/removing of bookmarks.
 o User friendly interface for managing bookmarks.
 o Automatically delete bookmarks when the topic they link to is deleted.
 o No source edit, all done with hooks.

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Re: [ADDON] Bookmarks

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 emanuele likes! :D
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Re: [ADDON] Bookmarks

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Is there a way to import SMF bookmarks into ElkArte?

Re: [ADDON] Bookmarks

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yep, should be easy.. just copying the whole smf_bookmarks to elkarte_bookmarks should be enough (in theory).

Edit:  add this to smf2-0_importer.xml from OpenImporter,
Code: (smf2-0_importer.xml) [Select]
<title>Importing Bookmarks</title>
<presql>TRUNCATE {$to_prefix}bookmarks;</presql>
FROM {$from_prefix}bookmarks;
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Russian lang  8)

Re: [ADDON] Bookmarks

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French Translation in attachment

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1 idea: bookmark for any messages (not only for the topics).
2 idea: to add this module on this site.
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Re: [ADDON] Bookmarks

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This add-on seems to work fine on 1.1.

Btw @Spuds it looks like development is on GH but the links in the OP point to Bitbucket. :)

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Updated the package with 1.1 support.

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German translation...

Thanks, great addon! I have two suggestions:

  • Is it possible to add a bookmark and delete a bookmark with the button in the thread? Would be an equal handling to the abonnement-button then and much easier to use imo.
    Right now the bookmark can only deleted within the bookmark list. This option must stay of course!
  • The position of the menu entry for the bookmark list is not really optimal.  ;)  I would prefer it as a button between "notifications" and "new posts" in the top menu of the board. I know I can modify my menu template.  ;)

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Thanks for the translation :D ... I'll add it to the package.

I'll also track the enhancement requests on GitHub, good ideas but it will be a bit before I can look at it in any detail.

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There's a space missing between the "new" button in the bookmark list and the thread title.

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I'm interested in using this add-on. Installed it and enabled it in the settings. My problem is that a user with administration rights can see the button in a topic and the bookmarks list. All "ordinary" users can't see them. For them it looks like the add-on is not existing at all.

What could be the problem here? Any hint is welcome.

EDIT: Never mind, I found the reason. I was not aware that the add-on introduces a new permission flag that has to be set. I'll leave this note as it might help others facing the same problem.
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Re: [ADDON] Bookmarks

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see screenshot.
Screenshot_2021-05-26 Анекдоты.png
if bookmark added - added emoji icon :check_mark: before title.
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