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[ADDON] Theme selector

Theme Selector v0.1.2
Adds a selector that allows users to pick a different theme/variant for the forum instead of having to go to the profile.

o This ElkArte Addon is subject to the terms of the BSD "3-clause" license. You can obtain a copy of the License at

Repository / Download

Change log

  • 0.1.2 - Fixes:
    • Avoid conflict between themes with the same variants
  • 0.1.1 - Fixes:
    • Wrong file included at install time
    • Broken reload URL
  • 0.1.0 - Initial commit
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Re: [ADDON] Theme selector

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Nice !

Re: [ADDON] Theme selector

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I noticed the theme should have some class to associate the positioning "over there" (and probably in general), I mean, the padding is declared on the search_box (or whatever) ID, and a similar one on the login box, and I had to add a css just to re-apply that same style, otherwise the box was stuck at the top.
I think, but I'm not a themer, that styles should be applied to classes, whereas ids should be used to pinpoint elements if needed.
Or something like that. LOL

Re: [ADDON] Theme selector

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Not selected, if user is guest.


Code: [Select]
$selected && $context['theme_variant'] == '_' . $key

Code: [Select]
$context['theme_variant'] == '_' . $key

Re: [ADDON] Theme selector

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That would mark as selected more than only one variant if two themes have two variants with the same name... :-\

Re: [ADDON] Theme selector

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Re: [ADDON] Theme selector

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Very nice.
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Re: [ADDON] Theme selector

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Cool addon, really good for my elkartestudio :)

Re: [ADDON] Theme selector

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As reported by Inter, at the moment it doesn't work with guests though (unless you download the "master" branch directly ;)).

Re: [ADDON] Theme selector

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Can the selector be updated to version 1.1 in the near future?
In my test forum it doesn't work properly with the 1.1.

Re: [ADDON] Theme selector

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An addendum:
Switching between the Light theme and the BeSocial often doesn't work. Selecting other themes is no problem. If I want to switch from another to the light, the BeSocial is often displayed instead...

Re: [ADDON] Theme selector

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After a long time something again on this topic.
In a test forum I have just installed all themes that work with EA 1.1.x.
Then I installed the Theme Selector 0.1.2 and after that I made the changes on the ThemeSelector.integrate.php ("sources" folder) which are described here. Now the selector works perfectly and without problems for members and guests. :)