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International ElkArte support

Hi all,

international (i.e. non-English) support is always an "hot topic".
There are at least two different possible approaches:
  • open boards one for each language,
  • let the community open their own forums and handle them how they want.
At the moment (well, it was discussed several months ago, but should still be valid :P) the idea is to mainly follow option 2.
Because it gives "you" (the community) much more freedom than we could give here.
Of course it's also a bigger responsibility for you that are going to open a forum to support ElkArte, but it also means you will be more engaged and will have a stronger interest to begin with [1].

The two options are not mutually exclusive. If anyone doesn't feel like open a support forum, but is willing to provide support for ElkArte in a language other than English here at, he can ask to open a board and we will create it.

Now, the most important bit: if you have a support forum in your own language, please feel free to ask for a redirect to your forum here on this board. ;D
The order of the boards will be alphabetic, based on the English spelling of the language you are going to support. If you are going to support more than one language it will be up to you to pick the first language of the list to decide the sorting.
In order to create the board (either as a redirect or as "real" board), we need a description (up to you).
If you want to provide support here, it would be nice to have at least two moderators as well. Being moderator doesn't require deep knowledge of ElkArte, just willingness to read messages, delete spam and take action in case of problems.

Just a small final note: I guess if the project becomes famous enough, more than one support forum per language may appear. Honestly I hope it will happen, in that cases, in order to be fair I'd prefer to give a redirect to anyone asking for it. Of course, if there are already 2 redirects for a certain language, a third is unlikely to be added.
For the moment I guess something like that is more than enough. ;)
It's easy to say "please create a board", but than it's also easy forget about it and disappear leaving the community without support. Instead, set up a forum requires some planning, and some investment (both in time and money), and so it's a more "difficult" decision to take.
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Re: International ElkArte support

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Woah a new support board. Haha... I'm interested to provide support for Indonesian. Still undecided to request for a board or creating it myself. Just as you said in the footnote, I don't want to abandon what I started. :)

Dang, y u so expensive .id??? :( haha...
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Re: International ElkArte support

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How about the custom themes websites? :)
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