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[WIP] ElkGray Started by Adrek · · Read 5240 times 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. previous topic - next topic

[WIP] ElkGray

Some time ago I noticed nice theme for SMF, and started porting it to ElkArte. It doesn't have license so I have to wait for reply from  original author before I can share files.

Here is how it looks on SMF:
And here ElkArte version:

It still needs some fixes, but it's almost finished :)

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Great, great work! Lovely theme, or a really good port :)

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Like it. One small request, some different board icons would be nice.

Re: [WIP] ElkGray

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Thanks :)
It will have icons from original theme. Remember it's only port, I am not author of this design.

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Hey, did you ever get around to finishing this theme?

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I just sent PM to original author, we'll have to wait for his response :)

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