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[ADDON] Emoji !

Emoji for Elkarte

REQUIRES ElkArte 1.0.1

o This ElkArte Addon is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License version 1.1 (the "License"). You can obtain a copy of the License at
o All images used in this addon are copyright Emoji One, License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International. You can obtain a copy of the License at [](

o Adds capability to display over 800 :emoji: tags in your posts
o Works in the plain text and wysiwyg editor
o Start by entering a : followed by a couple of characters, a selection box of matched emoji's will appear
o There no admin settings available with this addon

Repo / Download

Re: Emoji !

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oooh... I will use this. :D thanks!

Re: Emoji !

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Re: [ADDON] Emoji !

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QuoteAll other emoji images
Copyright (c) 2012 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.

That project is very, very, very borderline (some say is plain illegal and against copyright law). ;)
Spuds is using the emoji from that are open source and free to use for sure.

Re: [ADDON] Emoji !

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Yup, the lack of clarity around the usage of those Emoji images lead to emojione (and a couple of other collections that are in the works), they all share the same :names: which is great for compatibility.

Obviously if someone wants to use a different image collection than the Emojione version, they can do just that.  I just could not place images in the addon package and "distribute" it unless they were truly open.  But what someone uses on their own site is their own responsibility.

Note, to use some other image collection just copy the new images to the emoji directory (over writing whats there) and update the location so the pulldown populates with the correct ones.  The addon uses a CDN for the pulldown image population.

Re: [ADDON] Emoji !

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Hi, I want to ask where do I change the extract tree path? Looks like because I migrated from cPanel to VPS with Nginx it still pointing to old path. I searched in Settings.php and didn't found it.

Re: [ADDON] Emoji !

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If you mean this line


Then that is the directory defined in your admin panel,  forum -> Smileys and Message Icons -> settings

Re: [ADDON] Emoji !

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Thanks Spuds, it works perfectly. Will be there support for emoji in quickreply?

Re: [ADDON] Emoji !

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It should work in the quick reply if its using the full editor, but I'm not going to support the non-editor quick reply with this addon.

Re: [ADDON] Emoji !

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Cool .. those should work just fine with the mod, I'll do a test :D

Re: [ADDON] Emoji !

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Just looking at those (never really looked at the twitter ones) they are really not much different than the open emoji ones currently in the addon ... they have the same somewhat flat look (as compared to the github ones) and many of them look ostensibly the same (IMO)

Re: [ADDON] Emoji !

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Updated the mod to support / add the twitter collection as well.  Link is in the first post.