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On workflow with git and github

I have added to Elk main repository information on our workflow, and how to use git/github for it.

However, they're probably not comprehensive enough (not sure if they should be actually), but more importantly, they don't cover enough the usual cases and additional resources, to assist us where we need hands-on information. (in another world, I had other topics written (in semi-private view), for the various resources, or direct replies and assistance, all not the best and not applicable anyway).

To improve them, I see basically two options:
  • to improve them on the fly (seems suboptimal, or I probably don't do a good job at it)
  • or to document the issues we need documented, in a FAQ-type of page: editable by everyone, for us to keep track explicitly of your questions, your experiences with it, what you want solved or how you solved it.
    When the FAQ shapes up enough, it covers well enough the essential cases we need documented, I can update the file for our workflow.

I have started a page on the wiki, with the intention to do the second option:

I need your help here. I think I know what we need first, but it seems I'm too lazy busy to gather them comprehensively. Please feel free to add to it: issues, resources you use (I quick-stole Ema's bookmarks), questions, examples on how you do already. We'll review them a bit later, to organize the information we need.
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Re: On workflow with git and github

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Although I'm a total newbie at this, thank you for doing it. This could help bring down a lot of barriers, especially customisation team-esque people.