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error in help.english.php

Can anyone please check the text in help.english.php at:




? I want to translate them (they are the last to be translated) but they make no sense to me. :-[  

Re: error in help.english.php

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I'll try to explain them and hope that it makes sense enough for you to be able to translate.

Code: [Select]
$helptxt['badbehavior_postcount_wl'] = 'This allows you to bypass bad behavior checks for users over a certain post count.<br />-1 will bypass all registered users, including those with no posts<br />0 will disable bypassing and scan everyone regardless of post count<br />Any number greater than zero sets the post count under which users will be checked.';

This allows you fine tune what connections are checked by Bad Behavior. 
-1 = Never perform BB checks if they are registered members.   (maybe OK on a closed board, admin approved registration)
0 = Everyone gets scanned, trust no one
X = Everyone below X post count gets scanned.  (So after someone has made enough posts, you can trust they are not a spammer)

Code: [Select]
$helptxt['badbehavior_url_wl'] = 'URLs are matched from the first / after the server name up to, but not including, the ? (if any). The URL to be whitelisted is a URL on YOUR site. A partial URL match is permitted, so URL whitelist entries should be as specific as possible, but no more specific than necessary.<br />For instance, /example would match /example.php and /example/address';

Thats a lot of words to kind of say its a wildcard value.  The area that it will match against is anything after the server name up to the ? get request.  So for example ://  its matching the underlined area against what you enter.

entering /forum/downhere/subscriptions.php  is very specific, it is a single file
entering just /downhere would white-list the entire downhere area, so if there were several files in that area that you want BB to whitelist, entering that is a lot easier than adding an entry for every single file in the downhere area.

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Re: error in help.english.php

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Everything's clear now, thanks! :)

Re: error in help.english.php

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If the clarifications are useful, they can be added to transifex as well, each entry can have comments and or images to help translate things. O:-)
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