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ElkArte 1.0.2 - release notes

This is a summary of the major fixes and improvements since the previous release, if you are interested in the details, you can have a look at the repository, the detailed list of commits and changes is too long.

You can find the list of known issues at this address.

Major changes since ElkArte 1.0.1:
  • [bugfix] Remove a /e modifier in some pbe_email_to_bbc replacements (ref).
  • [theme] ! avatar was not being resized on some small screens ! Try to break the titles on a word space for small screens (ref).
  • [theme] ! stop twinkle effect on page link hover thanks @ant59 for debug and Flavio93Zena for the report (ref).
  • [bugfix] Gone in the query above that one, let's remove COALESCE from here too? (ref).
  • [bugfix] db_last_error.php was not in the list of files checked for writability when installing - thanks jorin for reporting (ref).
  • [bugfix] Check if FORUM_VERSION is defined before using it (ref).
  • [theme] Always add the avatar resizing css (ref).
  • [theme] Buttons should be active only if active is true and not if it is set (ref).
  • [bugfix] We have just removed everything, so there are no options (JumpTo javascript) (ref).
  • [bugfix] Use display name instead of member name in ssi_boardNews - thanks phantom for the fix! (ref).
  • [bugfix] Make the noteworthy updates $txt-based so that they can be translated (ref).
  • [bugfix] Wrong link to topics in manage attachments - thanks Dav999 for reporting (ref).
  • [bugfix] Accept a couple of redirections by default should be safe enough -related to #1882 (ref).
  • [bugfix] Wrong place for text strings (ref).
  • [theme] ! some main_menu items have been slightly misaligned (Be social!) (ref).
  • [bugfix] Add a way to notify admins that noteworthy changes have been applied (ref).
  • [theme] The content of the "Common support" block was removed a long while ago, say goodbye to it (ref).
  • [bugfix] A constant for forum version (ref).
  • [bugfix] Hooks in Action were not able to pass stuff back to the original array, making impossible to add new activities to maintenace for example (ref).
  • [bugfix] Give an option to avoid strict ftp-based security checks (ref).
  • [theme] ! emanuele45 Fix avatar size at low resolutions with new system (ref).
  • [theme] ! Don't truncate the poster's name for mobile devices. (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! don't attach D&D for narrow screens (ref).
  • [theme] ! adjust the fileselect size to better match the text (ref).
  • [theme] ! Need to apply the layout fixed to the search area only (ref).
  • [theme] ! improve DD / post layout in small screens (ref).
  • [theme] ! Avatars size could break mobile layouts (ref).
  • [theme] ! search results as messages were overflow (hidden) in the layout (ref).
  • [theme] ! touch of white space around the search results so they are not crammed together. (ref).
  • [theme] ! keep the selection words together (ref).
  • [theme] ! extra padding is not necessary it shifts the select arrow off the input edge which breaks the layout. (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! don't force page 1 (.0) on the topic link (ref).
  • [bugfix] Help message tweaks (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! fix #1882 case normalization should only affect key (ref).
  • [theme] Just a little tiny tweak to add a "hook" in Display.template to add classes to the post_wrapper div in order to style the message (ref).
  • [bugfix] Spacing (ref).
  • [theme] ! php can be very verbose, so force it to fit (ref).
  • [theme] ! missed a class name in the last update (ref).
  • [theme] ! proposed fix for chrome on android misbehaving (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! proposal / fix #1866 (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! split to the toolbar (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! attempt to make the tt/pre buttons toggle still not right as you still must click back in to the editor window to select the newly added node, but at least it gives a user a change to escape from them when in wizzy. (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! useful hooks to allow origin pull / General Mirror CDN redirect (ref).
  • [bugfix] a count always returns at least 1 row... (ref).
  • [bugfix] Casting for easier usage (ref).
  • [bugfix] Global not defined and missing require (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! one way to slow things down if force daily hive creation (ref).
  • [theme] ! latest version of chrome (39) improperly breaks text (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! properly formed tables with td were still being truncated (ref).
  • [bugfix] Wrong index for $user_info (ref).
  • [bugfix] Wrong files included... (ref).
  • [bugfix] Missing doc for a mail template (ref).
  • [bugfix] Logs and email admins on theme editing. But not always. Done before validating php code because even validation means the code is executed (ref).
  • [bugfix] array_keys should be done when getBasicThemeInfos is called, not inside it (ref).
  • [bugfix] Wrong mail template and missing doc for admin emailing of database backups (ref).
  • [bugfix] Fix an unable to load template error accessing action=topic without sub-action (ref).
  • [theme] Fix little misalignment of messageindex with long subject and locked/pinned topics (ref).
  • [theme] * fixed a broken table header on low screen resolutions. Signed-off-by:Thorsten Eurich <> (ref).
  • [bugfix] * removed unused code. Signed-off-by:Thorsten Eurich <> (ref).
  • [theme] A duplicate id in generic lists... I hope it doesn't break anything else... (ref).
  • [bugfix] Quick fix for a couple of missing strings in list_getMembergroups (ref).
  • [bugfix] Fix few errors in viewing the spider logs (ref).
  • [bugfix] Paranoid mode: log the backup download action and send an email to the admins (ref).
  • [theme] A missing closing quote for the href attribute in new replies template - thanks ahrasis for reporting (ref).
  • [bugfix] Require FTP data in order to download a database backup (ref).
  • [theme] Use an errorbox class for FTP errors (ref).
  • [bugfix] Restore the time limit before going any further (ref).
  • [bugfix] We have a constant for the db, let's use it (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! make use of the new skip_styles capability (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! add ability to skip parsing of specific inline style tags (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Improve the logic a bit so we get plain text when called ! Add filters pre text manipulation (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! wrong doc block comment (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! only run the parsers on pre bbc text ! strip span / font from html email, useless formatting (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! allow passing of time to post and reg, helps importing (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! central approach to entities and special [] handling (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! that little . can cause such a problem, dont double concat ! missing break on case (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! look for blanks after newline for completeness ! use utf8 for that since it could be (ref).
  • [enhancement] Simplify the avatar settings and options reducing the permissions to allow change avatar and converting the "method" to enable/disable (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! needs to be added to content to be picked up (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! account for br or \n in some conditions ! sanitize the build value with preg_quote (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! recursion did not work properly plus had no overrun protection (ref).
  • [bugfix] Make news in the admin panel look good - partially fixes #1852 (ref).
  • [bugfix] We have a redirection level, why not use it? (ref).
  • [bugfix] Fix filtering of hooks in hooks management (ref).
  • [bugfix] Fix the hooks management url in core features - thanks phantom for reporting - fixes #1879 (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Separate our out parser validation call to own function ! allow calling the parsers on the raw email as well as bbc version (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! limit the char group to prevent overrun (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! need to use u modifier to avoid issues with out of character scope ! use preg quote to sanitize (ref).
  • [bugfix] Missing delimiter in preg_quote, even though being a function name it shouldn't matter (ref).
  • [bugfix] Some wrong delimiters in preg_quote in Subs.php (ref).
  • [bugfix] Wrong delimiter in preg_quote in News.controller (ref).
  • [bugfix] Switched from bracket delimiters to exceping the tilde in preg_quote (ref).
  • [bugfix] The base URL can contain a tilde which conflicts with the queryless_urls regex, causing preg_replace_callback to return null. Using bracket delimiters would be better. (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! I don't think font names ever have numerics (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! should account for these as they were added by html2bbc (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! hummm, thats not right. (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! add universal sig dash support in signature detection (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! parse_bbc will not work well if size, font wrap those tags so we end them at those tags when inserting (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! To be more complete, trim after removal (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! that font check had potential to run well past the font tag end (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! don't sanitize the value if its not from this form fix #1861 (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! no calendar entries = hidden on info center fix#1863 (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! fix #1853 ! Update the permissions for board permission checks ! make sure function returns a value to avoid comparison error (ref).
  • [bugfix] Activation from the profile was giving token error (ref).
  • [bugfix] Fix custom icons generating errors in recent - thanks Ruth for reporting and testing - fixes #1862 (ref).
  • [bugfix] Fix some fields not applied at registration - thanks Ruth for the report and testing - fixes #1857 (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! code blocks would not insert when in wizzy mode (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! capture the split post selector to seed the select list (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! dont show split icon on the first post (ref).
  • [theme] ! improve styling of merge button / split selectors (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! split topics updates (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! update hover intent to improve mouse tracking algo and namespace (ref).
  • [theme] ! update css min dependency for keyframe error fix (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! update superfish to 1.7.4 fix ie11 bugz (ref).
  • [theme] ! ie9 did not properly truncate long bbc links (ref).
  • [theme] ! chrome was not rendering tabs properly in code block (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! weights() needs to be aliased for 2.0 support, works for 2.1+ as well (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! sql_query_info is depreciated in 2.2 and is for CLI debug ! compat_sphinxql_magics is depreciated and not needed in our query (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! rest of the mysql => mysqli changes for searchql (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! The character table was to restrictive for international chars ! The default ports have changed, old will work fine, but are no longer the recommended values 3312->9312 3313=>9306 ! magics value should be 0, docs were wrong (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! update to use mysqli interface (ref).
  • [bugfix] Added database changes to upgrade_*.sql (ref).
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Re: ElkArte 1.0.2 - release notes

Reply #1

That's a long list, congrats to Elk team for releasing this upgrade ;)
sorry for my bad english

Re: ElkArte 1.0.2 - release notes

Reply #2

You missed my fixes and apply other instead, as such, the menu is still not aligned but is up by -1px.

My fixes was this one:
Code: [Select]
 @media screen and (min-width: 50em) {
  #menu_nav .listlevel1.subsections>a:before {
  font-family: "FontAwesome";
- margin: 0 5px 0 0;
+ margin: -1px 5px 0 0;
+ float: left;
  font-size: 1.2em;
  content: "\f0d7";
  color: #43a8da;
+ #menu_nav .listlevel1 {
+ margin: 1px 2px 0;
+ }

This modification fix code doesn't work for me or with my fixes.
Code: [Select]
.listlevel1.subsections {
   top: -1px;

But it's ok. ;)