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ElkArte 1.0.4 - release notes

This is the list of the fixes and improvements since the previous release, if you are interested, more details can be found at the repository.

You can find the list of known issues at this address.

  • [bugfix] A could of other fixes for atom (ref).
  • [bugfix] Added the patch files (ref).
  • [bugfix] allow word break a chance (ref).
  • [bugfix] technically its depreciated so we should follow our rules (ref).
  • [bugfix] Database passwords with double quotes may fail at install due to excessive escaping - thanks soderlund for reporting (ref).
  • [bugfix] Fix censoring case-sensitivity when "whole words" is not set - thanks Burke Knight for reporting (ref).
  • [bugfix] Take into account mentions imported from other systems that handle things differently (ref).
  • [theme] Add name attribute to post button in GenericControls template - fixes #2091 (ref).
  • [theme] Update index_besocial.css (ref).
  • [bugfix] fix #2081 memberlist search page links were incorrect (ref).
  • [bugfix] fix #2077 no preview, scroll error box to top, on post2 error (ref).
  • [bugfix] no need to pass the defaults (ref).
  • [enhancement] allow select type's to be searchable (ref).
  • [bugfix] util is better here to prevent double encoding (ref).
  • [bugfix] These are other possible cases where invalidate the opcache is a good thing (ref).
  • [bugfix] Invalidate the Settings opcache when changing anything (ref).
  • [bugfix] Settings.php is not touched, why should we touch it? (ref).
  • [bugfix] We do not write errors to Settings.php any more (ref).
  • [bugfix] Invalidate board and message index cache when deleting topics for good (ref).
  • [enhancement] basic image rotation for imagik, no ACP (ref).
  • [theme] move submit vote to the left side under the options fix #2070 (ref).
  • [enhancement] improve visabilty of edit schedule task fix #2008 (ref).
  • [theme] prevent footnote anchor from hiding under menu fix #2043 (ref).
  • [bugfix] allow text only list fix #2059 (ref).
  • [bugfix] db updates to point to correct site (ref).
  • [theme] CSS update for the package server (ref).
  • [bugfix] more rotten language stings (ref).
  • [bugfix] pack server template updates (ref).
  • [bugfix] helps with form entry mistakes (ref).
  • [bugfix] more work on pack server (ref).
  • [theme] The line wrapper messed with quotes a bit (ref).
  • [bugfix] sort on cat names (ref).
  • [bugfix] allow package server use addon site json file (ref).
  • [bugfix] the xml import can fix most things, but not these (ref).
  • [theme] Hide the "view all members" button in the member list page if viewing all members and show it only if searching - fixes #1991 (ref).
  • [theme] Remove "search again" button from the member list search result page and reload the search data in the search box for further searches (ref).
  • [bugfix] Don't crash the browser when populating the smiley popup - thanks live627 for the fix - fixes #2020 (ref).
  • [theme] Give recent posts more space and a scrollbar, probably not enough, but worth a try - addresses #2022 (ref).
  • [theme] Fix the polls results bar being truncated at certain resolutions (ref).
  • [theme] Fix poll results overlapping the corresponding option at low resolutions - thanks Jorin for reporting - fixes #2054 (ref).
  • [bugfix] Happy happy birthday mails were not working :'( (ref).
  • [bugfix] the rss feed was failing validation (ref).
  • [bugfix] the replace needs to work on both from: a.a.tld and from: xyz <a@a.tld> (ref).
  • [bugfix] These still cause log issues due to addons, simply check. (ref).
  • [bugfix] That function is in this file already, not subs (ref).
  • [bugfix] prevent undefined error in some paths (ref).
  • [bugfix] missing require in rss feed when using categories (ref).
  • [bugfix] Fx mobile was not being detected / handled (ref).
  • [bugfix] Remove broken hook in ManageSecurity::action_moderationSettings_display - thanks Josh for reporting - fixes #2019 (ref).
  • [bugfix] Member list sorting was failing at recognizing sortable columns - thanks Inter for reporting - fixes #2010 (ref).
  • [bugfix] Avoid the editor to break the quote when links are used as default attribute of the quote tag - thanks Jorin for reporting - fixes #2006 (ref).
  • [bugfix] Fix notes pagination in the moderation center - thanks Jorin for reporting - fixes #2005 (ref).
  • [theme] Slightly broken CSS class in memberlist - fixes #2002 (ref).
  • [bugfix] action=jsoption is now not remembered as old_url + improved readability - fixes #1999 (ref).
  • [bugfix] Tweak the time before resending email warning for theme edits - fixes #1997 (ref).
  • [theme] More ellipsis for everybody, including the linktree! - fixes #1996 (ref).
  • [bugfix] Fix undefined variable $new_connection in some odd case - fixes #1992 (ref).
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