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Warning level setting bug


My forum I was a little confused  User Issue a Warning   level unknown  110 vaule

Go  Administration Center Core Features enable Post Moderation  and  set  Security and Moderation /  set moderation   vule



new installed elkarte

Core Features enable Warning System

go ""user    Issue a Warning ""  page

Level >= 35: All users posts will be moderated  (Post Moderation is not enable ?)

Core Features enable Post Moderation

""user    Issue a Warning ""  page

Level >= 110: All users posts will be moderated

Security and Moderation / Moderation

Warning level for post moderation  value: 0
sorry for my bad english

Re: Warning level setting bug

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Darn, I left this one open on the "other" computer and missed that as well!
 emanuele is mad at himself >:(
Sorry for the late reply! :-[

Anyway, the issue is "just" that 110 is used when the option is not enabled (in that case post-moderation) to be sure it's not caught up by the warning system.

A possible fix is to replace in ProfileAccount.controller.php the block:
Code: [Select]
		// Work our the various levels.
$context['level_effects'] = array(
0 => $txt['profile_warning_effect_none'],
$modSettings['warning_watch'] => $txt['profile_warning_effect_watch'],
$modSettings['warning_moderate'] => $txt['profile_warning_effect_moderation'],
$modSettings['warning_mute'] => $txt['profile_warning_effect_mute'],
Code: [Select]
		// Work our the various levels.
$context['level_effects'] = array(
0 => $txt['profile_warning_effect_none'],

foreach (array('watch', 'moderate', 'mute') as $status)
if ($modSettings['warning_' . $status] != 110)
$context['level_effects'][$modSettings['warning_' . $status]] = $txt['profile_warning_effect_' . $status];

Being a bug I'll move it to the appropriate board. ;)
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Re: Warning level setting bug

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Ugh, being there couldn't you fix the typo in the comment, too? "Work our" doesn't exist in English, "work out" can actually work out, lol.
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