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ElkArte 1.0.7 - release notes Started by emanuele · · Read 4068 times 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic. previous topic - next topic

ElkArte 1.0.7 - release notes

This is the list of the fixes and improvements since the previous release, if you are interested, more details can be found at the repository.

You can find the list of known issues at this address.

  • [bugfix] Better initialize the avatar array (ref).
  • [bugfix] Also make sure the hook is always called (i.e. even if using a default avatar and $settings is empty) (ref).
  • [enhancement] At times, have the profile while changing the avatar may be of great help (ref).
  • [theme] ! updates for very long board names breaking layout (ref).
  • [theme]  This should highlight the 3rd level entries when clicking on 2nd level ones - fixes #2379 (ref).
  • [bugfix] Update index/SSI/install versions (ref).
  • [bugfix] Update file versions (ref).
  • [bugfix] Do an is_writable check in getFileVersions to avoid errors in getting the contents of the fiels (ref).
  • [bugfix] Really, really fix the problem with custom fields, sorting and search of the member list issue #2399 - thanks Radu for the patience testing the fixes (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! remove redundant help text fix #2389 thanks @LouAugust for report (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! update topic likes when splitting fix #2338 (ref).
  • [enhancement] ! move unlike indicator from hover to primary fix #2370 (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! dont search for comments on htmlspecial sting fix #2369 (ref).
  • [enhancement] ! add hook to getboardtree fix #2337 (ref).
  • [bugfix] Update file version numbers (ref).
  • [bugfix] Load the Errors language file in case of the registration agreement is missing or empty - fixes #2392 (ref).
  • [theme] Fix misalignment of checkboxes in the members search options dropdown and limited the width of the box itself - thanks Antechinus for the fix - fixes #2398 (ref).
  • [bugfix] Avoid hashing the password when not needed to be able to both send the email with the password the new members registered by the admin and use the password in integrate_register - fixes #2402 (ref).
  • [bugfix] Accessing action=stats;xml without proper data passed will result in a redirect - fixes #2406 (ref).
  • [bugfix] Useless to set yet another index when we can just test letter_links - fixes #2405 (ref).
  • [bugfix] Fix is_moderator wrongly set before permissions were loaded - fixes #2386 (ref).
  • [bugfix] Avoid undefined errors when no boards are available - fixes #2388 (ref).
  • [bugfix] integrate_activate should pass the member username and not the id - fixes #2401 (ref).
  • [bugfix] Fix sorting of custom fields in the member lists search - fixes #2399 (ref).
  • [theme] ! add some basic bbc table formatting in some areas (ref).
  • [enhancement] ! package server layout and language updates (ref).
  • [enhancement] ! update detection for installed and downloaded packages ! Add sort by name (ref).
  • [enhancement] ! show the packages in a more normal order than last update (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! lets use a more robust version compare (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! fix #2382 Joined lines in email can contain extra spaces (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! fix #2381  html to md can mess up ?< in some edge cases (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! fix #2380 Cant set realname during registration (ref).
  • [theme] ! fix #2376 use of non existent css class plus over gridded (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! fix #2373 other password (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! fix #2361 BB line truncation can cause db escaping (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! fix #2354 Set a default jpg quality when using imagick (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! fix #2342 wrong syntax in gravatar url (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! fix #2336 calling wrong txt string (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! fix #2245 (ref).
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