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[custom.css] Droids

 custom.css for the BeSocial Variant
custom_besocial.css needs to be placed under themes\default\css\_besocial\
Thorsten "TE" Eurich

Re: [custom.css] Droids

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Nice and clean, I like it ;)

I know I already asked a similar question, but is there a way to set the menu sticky once you scroll down?
(I attach a screenshot, once you scroll and arrive to menu, the menu should always be visible on top)
sorry for my bad english

Re: [custom.css] Droids

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Normally, you can achieve it using

position: absolute;   in css

Re: [custom.css] Droids

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Wouldn't it be nice if the header with the logo would be getting smaller when you scroll down, the menu goes to the top and stays there, while the header disappears?  O:-)