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CSS bug on translations subdomain

Oi! :D rffmsthw&$23!sgsye CSS fethd@! :P

I know a lot of lazy buggers do it these days, but please do not fail to set a background colour on either the html or body tag for basic pages. Because...

If anyone hasn't figured it out yet, they have omitted a background declaration for several elements. This is fine for average mugs who don't tweak their browsers, because the browser automatically puts a white background on the window.

If someone, like me fer instance, customises their browser settings so that windows have a dark grey background by default, so new ones don't burn my eyeballs out with a nasty white flash, then any normal (dark grey or black) text in elements without a background declared becomes impossible to read.
So, wotcha need to do is make yourselves a basic CSS file for that page, and any other basic pages, and you want to hide in funny corners of the web, and give one of the all-encompassing tags a background colour. Or, since it's such a basic page, you could even go to the Dark Side and just use a tiny bit of inline style for this one. ;)

Code: [Select]
<body style="background: #fff;">
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