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Wish for a change

With german language there's a little problem. In index.german.php we have:

Code: [Select]
$txt['last_post'] = 'Aktualität';

...which is used two times.

"Aktualität" is the perfect word to order the threads. But the same code is used for recent posts. There the translation "Aktualität" doesn't really work. I can't imagine a translation that works for both situations.

Is it possible to add another code for one of them so there can be two different words/translations used please?

Re: Wish for a change

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If I'm not wrong, the string is:
Code: [Select]
$post['date'] = $txt['last_post'] . ' ' . $txt['by'] . ' <strong>' . $post['poster']['link'] . ' </strong> - ' . $post['html_time'];

I'm surprised there is still some use for the $txt['by'] particle, I thought I removed all of them...

That said, I feel it doesn't even make sense to have a "last post by" kind of string: the one showed can or cannot be the last message of the topic (the list is of recent messages) and can or cannot be the last message of the member, so I would change it altogether to... for example:
"Message by {author} at {time}"
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