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I am setting up multiple sites, using a single email address for all the forum mail.
Want to edit the template subject lines to include the forum root url, so can easily tell which forum the mail relates too.

Is this correct code for appending the forum root url into the mail subject line?
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While looking at this, I noticed  something about Bday Mails.
So I just pointing it out.

default happy bday, with regards from, ...  a smf profile link

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$txtBirthdayEmails['happy_birthday_author'] = '<a href="http://www.simplemachines


Re: EnailTemplates

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The default replacements (i.e. available for all the email templates) are:
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	$replacements += array(
'FORUMNAME' => $mbname,
'FORUMNAMESHORT' => (!empty($modSettings['maillist_sitename']) ? $modSettings['maillist_sitename'] : $mbname),
'EMAILREGARDS' => (!empty($modSettings['maillist_sitename_regards']) ? $modSettings['maillist_sitename_regards'] : ''),
'FORUMURL' => $boardurl,
'SCRIPTURL' => $scripturl,
'THEMEURL' => $settings['theme_url'],
'IMAGESURL' => $settings['images_url'],
'DEFAULT_THEMEURL' => $settings['default_theme_url'],
'REGARDS' => replaceBasicActionUrl($txt['regards_team']),
So you can add for example:
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and it will be replaced with the board url.
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Re: EnailTemplates

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Good stuff! I wish if this is also possible with "Webmaster email address" in general server settings. May be we can divide it into two i.e. Email Username and Email / Forum URL. This will support multi sites with multi (yet like individual) emails. Something like this:

Email Username e.g. elkarte.webmaster
Email / Forum URL e.g. / {FORUMURL}

User who receives it will see that as /

Just a thought anyway. :D