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[Theme] Leisure

This one is called Leisure, quick demo is here:

This is a light theme done in shades of grey and blue.  I have done a few things to make this more modern / minimal.  It uses few shadows, a tight radius, a more subdued color palette and a few other tweaks such as no side borders, etc.  A subtle change can be seen in the breadcrumb arrows which are done at a softer angle and taller block.

  • The top header provides the traditional ability to add logos and slogans above the menu.  But as you scroll the page, once the top menu reaches the page top, it turns into a fixed menu so that it is always accessible.
  • Quick search is part of the menu, clicking on the magnify icon expands the search area for input, it will stay open until you close it.
  • The info center is on the bottom but is done in a 4 block side X side layout.  This will become 2 x 2 or 1 x 4 depending on the screen width
  • The board index layout has changed for a cleaner look with some removal of extra information as well as muting the description text.
  • The message index is redone to show the avatar first and remove excess information.  For example the topic icon is either the icon, the lock/sticky or the new button, it will not show all three at the same time. 
    The topic navigation has been consolidated to a single area immediately after the topic subject so you don't have to mouse all over the page. 
    Sticky topics are in a separate area that is collapsible, the collapsed/expanded selection choice is remembered as well. 
    The number of replies and view are broken out to give them more importance.
  • The topic display has an updated poster info area where some items that were normally hidden in the drop down have been exposed. The drop down area has also been enlarged so it is less cramped and now shows a little more information like last seen and member since.

I think that covers most of the changes, .. bugs, you bet .. get it here:

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Another nice and clean template, good work  8)

QuoteQuick search is part of the menu, clicking on the magnify icon expands the search area for input, it will stay open until you close it.
I can't see the quick search in demo

Like the other template Integrity I like the fixed menu, and if I can give a suggestion is to hide the social icons from mobile and use that space for elkarte menu
sorry for my bad english

Re: [Theme] Leisure

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The quick search does not appear for guests, sorry.

I removed the social login as that is not "standard" (and was just me testing something) its placement would have to be addressed on a per theme basis.   The theme selector box now disappears a bit sooner so it does not cause problems on the demo site, thanks for the report.

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The social icons could remain into the menu for "desktop version", there are a lot of forums that are display in header or in menu the social icons. My suggestion was to hide them from mobile. I prefer to display social icons in footer, but that's a matter of taste, so we cannot discuss tastes. :)

I immagine that stats page is disabled for guests, otherwise the link to stats page is missing

EDIT: you forget to change the red color in member list ;)

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sorry for my bad english

Re: [Theme] Leisure

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Those social icons were part of the social login addon, so the position is was determined by the addon vs the theme itself.   That addon by default plops them next to the quick login if you have that enabled in the forum and the addon. 

The stats were not linked since the site did not have track statistic enabled, so that I've enabled that so the link works. 
The calendar was a mistake on my part not showing the header even when there was nothing to show inside.  Anyway should be fixed now.
Fixed the color, thats what I get for working on two at the same time  O:-)

Re: [Theme] Leisure

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Very nice!  Great work spuds. 

Re: [Theme] Leisure

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Teh Spuds is back! :P
Bugs creator.
Features destroyer.
Template killer.

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sorry, where is the download link? Its nice bro!

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Is this theme compatible with latest version of ElkArte?

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Probably not ... its not to much work to get it updated but I've been slow in updating my themes to 1.1 .. at least I updated my addons right away :D

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If possible can you update it, i like to use the theme and do some style editing

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I'll work on an update this weekend, stay tuned.

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Great, mean time i will work on Lazy Day style edits