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Github Projects

I'm not sure what I'm doing (but that's nothing new to you I'm pretty sure :P), but I started playing with GitHub "projects" page:

The reasoning I did creating the three projects was to collect random things (thoughts, issues) about features that span multiple issues and maybe multiple versions of ElkArte and as such are difficult to track with simple issues or labels (also because lables are kind of tricky to use anyway, to me).
I think it could also be one way to help people that want to do something to have a place where to look at: if you open the bug tracker there is lots of stuff, if you look at the forum even more, but all scattered around and difficult to find. Here if we can have few projects somehow defined, I think it may help.

Maybe I'm doing it wrong (nothing new), anyway if you have ideas feel free to suggest. ;)
I'm not sure who can add/edit things, who can help or not, etc.
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Re: Github Projects

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Makes sense to me. 

Seems like a good way to list out the major features / updates / adds that are desired to be added to the project.
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