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Post Error in 1.1

I get the following error when I load the reply page in 1.1

    Type of error: Undefined
    Notice: Undefined index: attachments
    File: forum/themes/default/Post.template.php
    Line: 329

Also lines 336,740,and 741
$context['attachments'] is not defined. 

I run with attachments disabled but enabling them didn't help.  This is on an upgrade from 1.0.10 and yes I uninstalled all mods other than the various upgrades (1.0.8,1.0.9, etc.) before the upgrade.

Re: Post Error in 1.1

Reply #1
Darn, that one I guess is a big oversight on my side.
The original idea was to actually extract the parts of the template dealing with attachments and put them into different functions, but I didn't track the idea and lost track of it... :-[
Sorry about that.

As a quick workaround, I would change:
Code: [Select]
', $context['attachments']['can']['post'] ?
Code: [Select]
', isset($context['attachments']) && $context['attachments']['can']['post'] ?

Code: [Select]
if ($context['attachments']['can']['post'] || !empty($context['attachments']['current']))
Code: [Select]
if (isset($context['attachments']) && $context['attachments']['can']['post'] || !empty($context['attachments']['current']))

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