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upgrayed for 1.1

What is it? upgrayed is a work in progress for Elkarte 1.1 based on besocial. It is not light. It is not dark. It is a medium theme, just right and easy on the eyes.

Is it only color editing?   Most changes have been in the color area. There are template changes as well.  For example, the Mark All Messages As Read button is no longer below the Info Center. Rather, it is below the messages, where it !@#$ belongs!  Haha! (nothing but love for the devs).  ;)

Bugz?  Bugz are included at no extra charge!  How's that for a deal!? Please report encountered bugz so they may be squished.  It is a work in progress after all.  8)

Licensing  There are no such requirements.  The only requirement is enjoyment.  ;)

Is it stable? It's as stable as any good site admin.  Thus keep an eye out for updates.  ;D  Oh, suggestions are welcome.  8)

Re: upgrayed for 1.1

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Thanks for sharing your work with elkarte community  ;)
sorry for my bad english

Re: upgrayed for 1.1

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Nice job!
Squish squish. squish, squish, squish.
Find a bug,
Make a wish.