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Just a random question... is there going to be more themes coming or whats there is whats there? And is it possible to use smf themes or no?

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There should be themes in works, just keep your eyes open for new ones when they are posted, and unfortunately SMF themes are no compatible.  

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May not be that much for now but theming or modifying a theme should be easy. You can also get help theming your EA or modifying a theme in here for free. Or you can hire one.

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In Elk you can achieve fantastic results really easily without doing "full" themes.

The first is theme variants. You can put _variant directories in a theme.

But even more selectively, you can use theme/_variant/custom_variant.css

Of course that's all depending on your desires. But when you get right down to it, I think a great many themes can be reduced to basically just that. :)