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ElkArte 1.1.1 - release notes

This is the list of the fixes and improvements since the previous release, if you are interested, more details can be found at the repository.

You can find the list of known issues at this address.

  • [bugfix] And fix ILA attachments in preview (ref).
  • [bugfix] Make recountOpenReports always return an array - fixes #3059 (ref).
  • [bugfix] If there is no temp_attachments in $_SESSION just returns what was passed to getAttachmentIdFromPublic because it is likely an attachment id (ref).
  • [bugfix] serializeToJson should always return at least an array, so if the first json_decode doesn't return an array it is a bad thing (ref).
  • [bugfix] some controls over empty $_SESSION[temp_attachments] (ref).
  • [bugfix] Consolidated some checks on extentions and mime types, plus fixed the display of ILA when attachments were not resized - fixes #3057 (ref).
  • [bugfix] Verify the public index exists just in case of messed up session data (ref).
  • [bugfix] Fix inline replacement (ref).
  • [bugfix] Fix the upload of attachments after the change from private/public id (ref).
  • [bugfix] Better check the file system than the web... (ref).
  • [bugfix] Now the name of temporary attachments is no more the index of the array, so a loop is the way to go (ref).
  • [bugfix] Avoid temporary file name to be send to the client (ref).
  • [bugfix] And fix also the script to generate detailed-version.js to account for subdirectories (ref).
  • [bugfix] Now we have also non-.template.php files in the theme directory, so we should account for it (ref).
  • [bugfix] Up few file versions (ref).
  • [bugfix] Adapt getFileVersions to deal with nested directories (modules and subs) (ref).
  • [bugfix] Forum version has been moved to bootstrap and from const back to define - fixes generate_detailed_version.php (ref).
  • [bugfix] Update forum version and cache stale (ref).
  • [bugfix] Missing global variable (ref).
  • [bugfix] If ELK is already defined do not redefine it (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! allow resizeImageFile to also passthru force_resize ! allow imagick to upscale if force_resize is true (ref).
  • [bugfix] Database class and db table class are passed to the upgrade class construct, no need to pass them again to each method (ref).
  • [bugfix] Preventively check if the column exists in certain upgrade methods (ref).
  • [bugfix] No need to inject the closing tag before the last char of the message - fixes #3054 (ref).
  • [bugfix] "rows" is a reserved word for some MySQL versions. Changed to fully-qualified name for now because quoting would be different for MySQL/Mariadb and PSQL. - workaround for #3049 (ref).
  • [bugfix] Little convention on language file headers to make generate_detailed-version.php happy (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! provide standalone option as part of constructor (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Just use bootstrap (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! these can now call SSI and let it boot (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! docblocks and '' around defines ! remove duplicate check as its in request class already (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! let index.php use Bootstrap ! allow SSI to load from inside elk aka portals (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! spelling (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! return just the data if the tag is disabled on the fly (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Lead with the error the user will see when in debug (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! provide a method to add back a disabled tag (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! spelling (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! update some topic icons and sprite to match svg in css (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! darn headers (ref).
  • [bugfix] harmonized help texts for OTP. Signed-off-by:Thorsten Eurich <> (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! avoid empty member text in log display (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! fix #3046 member can remove account w/o password (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! allow 3 rediredcts for both curl and socket (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! small pause between uploaded attachments prevents lost ones. On my local I could send 5 in a row and only 4 were processed although the UI would show all 5 were there. Then on post only 4 would show up. 2/10 fixed that, 1/10 was still causing problems. (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! this check is to loose ie 1 = 1x, 1xx ... 10=10x, 100x ... (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! allow integration to get to tokenized preparsed message (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! header up (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! missed a header (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! header up ! (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! when expanded, allow swipe and arrows to move the window and not navigate (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! disabling attach tags was a bit of a mess (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! fix #3034 unable to diable tags (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Prevent an potential error on lightbox navigation (addons mostly) (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! fix #3042 allow for ila lightbox navigation (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Fix #3041 attach can have param attributes (ref).
  • [bugfix] Update SiteDispatcher.class.php (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! allow icons to scale fix #3014 (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! odd artifact on the svg, updated to new one (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! minor updates to the markdown lib (1.6 -> 1.7) (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! fix #3017 with a better font family listing (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! missed who credits for new markdown lib in 1.1 (ref).
  • [bugfix] Restore some API that was lost during development (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! some 1.1.1 headers (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! prevent numeric keys in stale possible fix for #3028 (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! non curl was not redirection the correct number of times ! get '\' if not getting anyting ! use 1.1 (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! save on no change will not have childnodes (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Some versions of php just say fatal error.  Fix #3024 (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! Turn off web tests for now, always failing.  Fix #3032 (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! color should be in the variant (ref).
  • [bugfix] ! add swipe navigation to poor mans (ref).
  • [bugfix] can_follow_up is optional, check with !empty is required - fixes #3030 (ref).
  • [bugfix] resizeImageFile should handle also remote images, not only local - fixes #3029 (ref).
  • [bugfix] It's not the correct plave anywya, but at least run the population of default_forum_action in bootstrap even is $ssi_layers is used - fixes #3023 (ref).
  • [bugfix] Ensure likes are enabled to show the button - thanks scripple for reporting - fixes #3022 (ref).
  • [bugfix] Even though these specific modules are written assuming they are always-on, they should be turned on/off with the admin setting - thanks scripple for reporting - fixes #3016 (ref).
  • [bugfix] Attachments are optional, and the Post-context is populated only if the module is loaded - thanks scripple for reporting fixes #3015 (ref).
  • [bugfix] Do not try to rename a directory that does not exist - thanks inter for reporting fixes #3012 (ref).
  • [bugfix] censor needs a string as input... an existing one - fixes #3021 (ref).
  • [bugfix] Fix the Undefined var entryname - fixes #3020 (ref).
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How, exactly, did you know about that song?   :D :D :D

Re: ElkArte 1.1.1 - release notes

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A good long list but I just did a glance and read only the title. Good work there. Keep it up.

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Jeez! That's a lot of fixing! LOL

Great job!