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Error trying to install theme's

Here is the error: package_no_zlib

I have already had my support look at it and they told me that (zlib) is enabled in the PHP

Another time I got this error: here is what I get using Internet Explorer: Sorry, your PHP configuration doesn't have support for zlib. Without this, the package manager cannot function. Please contact your host about this for more information.

Re: Error trying to install theme's

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Themes on 1.0 or 1.1 ... I'll assume 1.0.x for the moment.

That error is thrown when PHP can not find the function "gzinflate" which is a server problem, ElkArte is simply looking for a PHP function to use.

Go to Admin -> Main -> Support and credits ... Next to your PHP version select more detailed ... in that listing you should see a Zlib section, if you do no then its not installed or disabled.
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Re: Error trying to install theme's

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For the record, this error is thrown in this test:
Code: [Select]
		if (!function_exists('gzinflate'))
throw new Elk_Exception('package_no_zlib', 'critical');
so, only if PHP doesn't have the gzinflate function.
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