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Mass converting user avatars from old forum to attachments

I have a bit of a problem. I mishandled avatar importing a loooong time ago, back when I imported into ElkArte from SMF from IPB 2.x. Basically, I have a whole mess of av-#####.(jpg|gif|png) files named after their original users, which exist in the public avatars folder, and all those users' avatars were imported as links to the public avatars.

The problem? It bit me again today: Another newbie who signed up and started using one of the administrators' avatars, and confused me about their identity until I noticed their username, after I wondered why a long time former administrator would be asking stupid newbie and piracy related questions.

(We also happen to run our own Gravatar proxy, to avoid issues with users who outright block that service due to privacy concerns, but that's for another topic.)

E: I just realized, I can turn off the option to select "server stored avatars" so that users can't manually select from that avatar directory. That saves me some trouble, but I still would like to convert everyone who's still in that directory over to attachments some day.

Re: Mass converting user avatars from old forum to attachments

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That may be an external tool rather than something integrated, since it serves a very specific purpose that is not really that common (at least I think).

Anyway, avatars and names are not always the best way to identify a member. xD
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