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Error when installing

Hello everyone, i was wondering if i could have a hand with this error.

Notice: Undefined index: time_offset in C:\xampp\htdocs\TestForum\sources\Subs.php on line 553

this happens on step 4 of the install, i am using the latest download from this website.
I also noticed it was warning me about the installer being out of date "1.1.4" even though the latest version of the forum
are for "1.1.5" screenshot attachted.

other info
OS - Windows Server 2016
Latest version of XAMPP

Re: Error when installing

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Yes, wanted to notify about the version warning to the team. You finally raised it

And regarding the error, i have no idea. The setup ran without any issues in Wamp.

Re: Error when installing

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My mistake, the version in the install file is wrong... :'(
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