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be social theme customization: custom_besocial.css weird behaviour

I like the be Social Theme indeed.
Anyway like many "Elkarters" I wanted to modify some colours of the theme.
So like often emanuele suggests I haven't changed a single caracter of the index_besocial.css, but I've made a copy of it and I've renamed the copy as: custom_besocial.css .

After changing some colours code in the custom_besocial.css file I' reached a nice result:

unfortunately the final result depends on the browser used.
For instance firefox "renders" the right colors (please see the "news" in red) on the contrary Cromium and Chrome (tried on my smartphones) give different colours (please see the "news" in green.
Chrome seems considering in a weird way the customized css.

Some idea ?
What am I doping wrong?


Re: be social theme customization: custom_besocial.css weird behaviour

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Thank you ahrasis for your custom css I'm looking forward of trying it !  :)

The weird behaviour was my fault.

When trying to modifing the colours of the Be Social theme I mad a copy of _besocial.css and I've called it custom_besocial.css (modifying some colours).
The modified colours in this way were correct if seen thought Mozzila Firefox, when using Chromium or Crome the custom_besocial.css was for certain coluurs "bypassed" (not used).

Now, thanks to your add-on :
I've create a new variant easily.
I've almost correctly created my variant of the be Social Theme.
I've said almost because how you can see I have "my" colours perfectly rendered in every browser but I have the light Theme icons  :o .

How can I use the Be social icons ?

Thanks again

UPDATE: Solved :-)
the file icons_SVG_"variantname"_besocial.css was missing. Copied > renamed > now it works